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Cross Keys traditional

Here’s a video from October 2017 catching the informal traditional session in the Cross Keys main bar on a Thursday evening, with Andrew Smith – who organises the new annual Kelso Folk & Live Music Festival – playing the hammered dulcimer

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

As we were then – 2008

Session in the bar

Before the Cobbles was remodelled in February 2008, James Shepherd shot some pictures of the typical weekly Friday night sessions. Most of these showed slack-jawed yokels drooling over their guitars with eyes closed, because that’s what happens when you shoot singers and musicians after a couple of pints and mid-song. However, a few of us managed to stay reasonably sober-looking and composed.

The old Cobbles Bar

The Cobbles has always been a warm and friendly pub and we hope the new bar looks as well stocked as this, and and as easy to get to.

Banjo graveyard

Heather plays moothie while Helen listens intently. Darren’s banjo resonates all on its own.


It isn’t all guitars and David is concentrating on trying to turn a bouzouki into a mandolin, which probably means Dave Mullen was sing