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Humble Scribes 1/3/2019

This Friday (1st March) we have another Borders Spotlight show at the Oak Room, with the Humble Scribes providing the entertainment. Humble Scribes are Kevin Wilson and Ronnie Templeman who both hail from North Shields, near the mouth of the River Tyne. They started school together at the age of five and have remained friends ever since. It was during their late teens that they first started playing and writing songs together, nurturing dreams to be songwriters for a living. But along came the girls and forced them into slavery where they have remained for 20 + years. In 2008 they threw off the shackles and started playing and writing again, frequenting Denholm folk club on a regular basis and producing their first album “In Cahoots”. Kev and Ronnie both enjoy making music just for fun, and they hope this comes across in the songs.

Video by Scotia195 – 2016 gig at String Theory, Hawick

The evening kicks off at 8 pm with floor spots.
Kelso Folk & Live Music Club

Monday, February 25th, 2019

An Oak Room guest spot

Dougie Downie sings with Tildon Krautz, touring American band he introduced to the club for a spot on May 11th 2018. Dougie is a well-known Borders musician and will be coming along to do a guest spot during 2019.

Friday, May 11th, 2018

A video from 2013

Dana and Susan Robinson – VIDEO

Here’s the encore finale from Dana and Sue at the club – with plenty of singing from the audience. An archive video from 2013.

This was great pre-St-Andrew’s Day gig for Kelso Folk & Live from two lovely people who had come many thousands of miles to be here!

Saturday, November 30th, 2013


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