Burns’s quarter-millennium celebrations

Kelso Folk & Live Burns night 2009

The club held its second ever Burns Night at the Cobbles on Sunday January 25th 2009. The chair and organiser for this year was Ian Croall, following in the illustrious footsteps of Roger Platfoot who staged the first event in 2008.

Here is Ian, with the venerable Rabbie ahent him:

The cameo of Burns was borrowed for the night courtesy of an Edinburgh printer friend of Ian’s. Ian also introduced an exceptional and larger than life Burns night speaker, Eric John. But first, the haggis was piped in by Darren Scurfield and carried by oorn host, Gavin Meiklejohn, no exactly Poosie Nancy but he’ll do:

Aw, Gavin, ye could hae smiled fae the camera! The haggis aywise looks miserable, it kens whit’s coming!

Eric slashed with a single firm stroke from well on high and nearly sent the reekin’ whatsit all round the function room! Ian said he had been known to harle the ceiling of dining rooms with haggis, in a single stroke. Still, a Sabatier works wonders where a dirk would hardly suffice!

After the kill, Eric, Gavin and Darren toast the beastie with a dram denied to the body of the kirk:

And they still can’t raise a smile! Serious business, butchering an innocent haggis. Then it was servit:

That big stray bit o’ neep was never mashed. It was just as a sheep might have eaten it this winter. But it was fine all the same. Only one vegetarian haggis was requested. The rest were all living, breathing animals before they suffered this fate. Apparently they were tracked down and shot on the snowy slopes of the Cheviots. But NOT around the Lammas-tide…

This is just a table shot. Well, why not?

And this is what makes the Kelso Folk and Live Music Club Burns Night different – it is celebrated in song, with nary a whiff of poesy unless it’s fairly rude. Messrs Gillespie and Hastings give wee Dougie McLean an airing along with the Plooboy Bard (‘Gin I Were a Baron’s Heir’, exactly what any solicitor and estate agent must be thinking right now, Ron…)

The Burns Night bucked the recession by selling out in advance. Our thanks to Ian Croall for masterminding the exercise, to all those who got up and sang songs they had never sung before, and to Annika and Gavin for a fitting repast.

– DK

The Club has continued to hold regular Burns suppers or nights. In 2016, this short video was made – upstairs at the Cobbles.

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