Programme for 2013

Kelso Folk and Live Music Club guest bookings  culminate with Dana and Susan Robinson, from the USA, on November 29th.

The guest artists remaining to appear are:

13th September – Ivan Drever (

29th November – Dana & Susan Robinson, USA (

With both an early evening open mic at the Kelso Golf Club (7.45pm) and a pub session at the Cobbles every Friday night (9.45pm), Kelso is a great place for any singer or musician to add to weekend or vacation itineraries. Since our regulars play and sing every week of the year, and the format is informal, we will often find a slot to allow talented visitors to do two or three numbers solo, as well as joining in in turn or together with others. There is no rule in Kelso about not jumping in to accompany something you know – our audience members sing along, our musicians frequently create fine arrangements ‘from the floor’. We know when to let a solo singer or instrumentalist have no accompaniment at all and our regulars are good at ‘reading’ others!

This is a very friendly folk club and our decision to put ‘and Live Music’ in the name was deliberate – there’s almost no limit to the genre of music you are welcome to try out as long as it suits a small room setting. We would like to meet you, and we hope you would like to meet us. Just be sure, if you are new to the club, to make yourself known to others.

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