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Beppe Gambetta on December 7th

Our final concert for 2012 featured the Italian-American flatpicking wizard Beppe Gambetta.

Beppe’s set was of course one any guitarist would love to hear, but he also intrigued the audience with his combination of Italian tradition with American bluegrass, blues and beautifully mixed-up roots. He gave us an insight into his own interesting continent-hopping life and was a happy, charming and friendly guest artist.

We can recommend Beppe highly for any club considering booking him. It’s a pity that we were not able to arrange a workshop this time, he went on to do short tuition engagements at leading UK university music courses. He is quite simply one of the fastest ACCURATE pick players on the planet – not a note out of place – and a master of polyphonic illusion from that single-note plectrum.


Sunday, November 25th, 2012


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