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Black Swan first guest gig – success

The first guest night at the Black Swan went very smoothly with Steve Tilston delivering a finely crafted set of songs and tunes. His encore – as expected, ‘Slip Jigs and Reels’ – was captured as an HD video now approved for release by Steve.

We were treated to his tribute to Davy Graham – a subtle reversal of the harmonic sequence of Anji, the jazz standard which Davy turned into a guitar solo famously reworked by two duos – Simon & Garfunkel, and Jansch & Renbourn. Steve’s tribute owed a lot to Bert Jansch’s ornamentation of the tune. He also played an excellent blues gathered from Wizz Jones; Wizz is our guest at the Black Swan in almost a year’s time, on October 1st 2010. One notable skill Steve has is an ability to play this type of material standing up! All the other musicians just mentioned get themselves very carefully seated for solo fingerstyle. Mr Tilston’s entire set was delivered in full view of the depths of the Black Swan bar.

The general sound quality in the upstairs room, with the aid of a small and relatively simple PA, is surprisingly good. It sounds natural and audibility right up to the far end of the room is good. In contrast, bar noise doesn’t end up disturbing either the audience or the performer. This one-way passage of sound makes what seems an odd shape for concert nights work well.


Saturday, November 14th, 2009


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