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Levellers in Edinburgh

Levellers Edinburgh 29/04/09

The Levellers perform ‘Carry Me Home’ at The Picture House, Edinburgh, on Wednesday night.

Filmed by David Kilpatrick using the Kodak Zi6 pocket HD720p video SD card recorder.

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Kieran’s May 22nd new CD showcase

Kieran Halpin is the first concert guest at the club’s new Le Jardin early Friday night venue, on May 22nd (doors open 7.30pm for 8.00pm, admission £5). This will be Kieran’s third gig for the Kelso club and his large local fanbase. He will be supported by Iain Petrie.


Since 1979 Kieran Halpin has recorded 17 albums, one live DVD and published 2 songbooks with 50 songs in each book. He is a successful songwriter with many of his songs covered by other artists such as Ilse De Lange, Vin Garbutt, Dolores Keane, Geraldine McGowan, Tom McConville, Niamh Parsons, The Battlefield Band, Flossie and the late John Wright. In fact his songs are performed in clubs, pubs and concert halls throughout the world. He has recorded albums in his native Ireland, Scotland, London, Nashville and Sydney.

2009 started with the release of his 19th album – a remarkable achievement over a 35 year career – consistently prolific and artistically inventive. The new CD has 10 new songs including a song Halpin wrote for his friend John Wright – “So Long John”.

Whilst his albums are always something to look forward to it is live on stage where Halpin makes his mark. Powerful and passionate, intimate and intense, he is impossible to ignore. His voice has such an edge to it that he sounds like he is living every song. He has managed to marry his intelligent and thought provoking lyrics with great melodies and has developed over the years into a writer with a style all his own. All of this is underscored by an incisive wit in his introductions which helps an audience to understand where the song comes from and hint at where it might be going. Halpin is equally at home playing to a small folk club audience and a large festival crowd.

What the critics say:
“Songs of sheer class and originality”
“Wonderful stage presence and surprising humour”
“Halpin is one of the country’s most intelligent writers”
“He has a voice that sells the songs the songs and cuts to the heart”
“Thought provoking lyrics and memorable melodies”
“These songs made me think, laugh and cry – all in one evening”
“Great songs, great singing and great stories”

Friday, April 17th, 2009

New Club Forum

The website now has a discussion forum, with a shared login system:

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Double not quits! New venue added for club.

The success of the Cobbles Inn has been a great pleasure for all of our regular club members to see happening. We have been at the Cobbles for ten years starting with just four or five regulars. The club has grown in popularity, but so has the pub, with Gavin and Annika’s remodelling and award-winning menu making it one of the dining-out hotspots of the Borders.

Friday night is very popular and meals are taken later – Scotland really is part of Europe in this respect now. So the arrival of dozens of club members from 9pm has sometimes conflicted with the best interests of the Cobbles Inn. We do not want to occupy tables and see bookings turned away!

So, from Friday April 10th, the Kelso Folk and Live Music Club will meet at Le Jardin Bistro, the Knowes (facing the main car park, technically on The Butts, next to Kelso Pottery) for our new authentic coffee house acoustic session starting at 7.30pm. This is a club function and a donation will be expected at the door from members or visitors, who are of course welcome either to listen or join in. The café has a drinks licence as well as excellent filter coffee, bites, soft drinks and a quiet comfy sitting area away from the music for those who want to chat.

The singaround format or take-it-in-turn, with an invitation for others to accompany unless specifically requested not to, will still be used. The coffee house session will end at 10.00pm, followed by a short walk to the Cobbles Inn. In recent weeks, music has often started after 10.00pm anyway. You are welcome to join us for the Le Jardin acoustic café evening, 7.30-10.00pm – or for the Cobbles Inn late night come-all-ye 10.00pm to after midnight – or for both!

– DK

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009


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