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Cohen live in Edinburgh – Marianne YouTube

Leonard Cohen Marianne Live Edinburgh 2008

A very crude video from my still digital camera. Xavier Mas is playing a baritone-tuned Spanish laud, and didn’t play a single instrument with single strings all night – 12-string guitar, bandurria, big laud and a modern cittern-style laud all of which he made sound very Eastern mediterranean by bending the notes. LC was on great form and positively skipped off the stage before returning for each of three encores, 73 years old or not!

– DK

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Photo report – concert night July 11 2008

WITH the British Motorcycle Federation in town, the Cobbles asked for an amplified gig in place of our Friday night session and engaged club mainstay Dave Mullen as most likely to get an easy ride from this enthusiastic audience. Half of them turned up armed – with whistles, moothie, and a box of shaky hand grenades brought in by Pet Shop Pete! Lots of photos.


Saturday, July 12th, 2008


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