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Morebattle concert video

Peter Fry was able to grab some quick video footage of the November 28th club members’ concert at the Templehall Hotel, Morebattle. Here is the first of two songs he recorded:


Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

David Kilpatrick at String Jam Club

Chris Martin shot this video of Kelso’s David Kilpatrick singing another happy song at String Jam Club, end of May – Clive Carroll’s fantastic guitar skills being the real attraction, of course, with the usual support from several floor spots.

The small guitar is a Brook Bovey 21.5″ scale tuned to F#C#f#bc#f’# (DADGAD four frets up). The song is traditional with a strong influence on the guitar setting from Dáithí Sproule’s version as performed by Altan. See:

for more info on one of Ireland’s best respected exports.

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Le Jardin June 5th

Due to the noise from Le Jardin’s refrigerators, recordings of song performance were not so successful on Friday June 5th. Here, though, is an instrument which can mask the sound of a humming fridge with ease – Ian Croall on Deger electronic smallpipes!

– DK

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Videos of the Ancrum Village Hall opening

Kelso Folk and Live Music Club provided music for the opening night of the newly refurbished Ancrum Village Hall. The tightly programmed (and accommodated!) sextet consisted (as seen from the left in the line-up) of Peter Gillespie guitar & vocals, Ron Hastings g&v, Steve Dent percussion, Dave Mullen g&v and MC, David Kilpatrick g&v and viola, Ian Croall midi smallpipes.

Nicole Mullen shot some videos of the event – a difficult task given the lighting and the odd close-up balance created by the PA, it sounded better balanced back down the hall where the audience was.

The link to view all seven videos edited by Dave and Nicole, with sound mixed from recordings made by Nicole, Pete and David Kilpatrick, visit YouTube and search for ‘KelsoFolk’. We have removed the embedded link as it was slowing the site down.

The theme was a Scottish night by request.

Saturday, March 7th, 2009


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