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Our Friday evening menu

The Kelso Folk and Live Music Club holds two weekly Friday night sessions which are open to all. Membership is free by registering your email details with the club; small admission contributions (£1-£2) may be requested for sessions.

* Email updates
* For musicians and singers, information on external club gigs such as concerts for local village halls or other organisations, where participation is invited
* Voting rights
* Becoming involved and help with activities as one of the team
* Club polo shirt or sweatshirt – order your own by calling in to Promotif on Bridge Street in Kelso, pick your garment and get the club logo embroidered on it!
* Buy the Club CD for a reduced price of £3 (normally £5 to visitors)

The early session (8.00pm-11.00pm) at The Cross Keys Oak Room, is an informal acoustic singaround. Full bar and dining facilities are available.

The late session (10.00pm or a little earlier until closing) at the Cobbles Inn, Bowmont Street, mixes traditional tunes and songs with popular acoustic evergreens on an ‘all join in’ basis with the occasional standout solo, or a wee group doing something too difficult for the rest of us. A good built-in PA system is provided. The last Friday of each month is dedicated to purely acoustic – no PA!

The Cobbles offers excellent lounge bar or upstairs dining room meals before the club session. Our anchor team normally occupies one table, in front of the fireplace of the lounge bar (section to the left after entering the pub) which is reserved for musicians from 9.30pm. Find yourself a table close to this if you want to join in.

For information and guest artist first enquiries, David Kilpatrick, (Cobbles session).

On Friday April 1st 2011 the Small Hall Band, which had been given a grant towards their West and Islands tour by the club in 2010, performed a guest concert set at the ACE Centre.

Regulars – singers you can expect to meet include Allan Conochie, Bob Strachan, Alec Douglas, Pete Gillespie, Graham Dunn, Dave McIntosh, David Kilpatrick, Dave Mullen, Jas Mackinnon, Andrew Hunter and also (at the Cobbles) Martin & Liz Marroni, Heather Nicol, Darren Scurfield, Roger Platfoot. Regular session musicians include Martin & Liz Marroni, Scott Turnbull, Bob Liddle, Arthur Cross, Steve Tees, Steve Dent, Kirsty Tees, Darren & Helen Scurfield, Ian Croall, Jimmy Nagle, Carly Blain and many others.

The club raises funds to support guest appearances and invites artists passing through the Borders, or local to Kelso, to contact us. We can not book large or fully amplified groups and our venues are best suited to solo, duo, trio. We are interested in tuition and workshop proposals. The club may, subject to committee decision, make grants from our fundraising to other organisations or events. The club welcome grants or funding from outside bodies in turn, to develop outreach events and extend the scope of its existing activities. In 2011 a grant of £400 from Youth Music Scotland helped bring in more young members for an allocated open mic period, with the lasting effect of more performances from this age-group.


Friday, September 7th, 2012

Cobbles Collection raised £68 for Sport Relief

Thanks to all the regulars and diners at the Cobbles who boosted the donations to £68 after we announced that the money would go to Sport Relief on Friday March 23rd. Normally, any donations are towards club funds. Special thanks to those who popped in the £20 and £10 notes!

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Kelso St James’ Fair 2010 – soundbytes

Monday, September 6th, 2010

St James’s Fair 2009 programme

There will be a busy weekend of music centred round Kelso Folk and Live Music Club’s sessions and guests, alongside the buzz of St James’s Fair in the town square this weekend. Here is our full programme:


Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Le Jardin June 5th

Due to the noise from Le Jardin’s refrigerators, recordings of song performance were not so successful on Friday June 5th. Here, though, is an instrument which can mask the sound of a humming fridge with ease – Ian Croall on Deger electronic smallpipes!

– DK

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Cobbles Inn & Le Jardin dates ahead

From Friday June 5th at Le Jardin we will showcase the individual talents of members and visitors in an open mic format. Although the spotlight is just right for one performer, participation may be requested to back up solos – and duos, trios or small groups are welcome to do the slot, which should be limited to three songs or tunes/sets. A single microphone and small amplifier will be provided.

Anyone interested in contributing a 15-minute maximum set should contact David Kilpatrick ( The open mic will run from 7.30pm to 10.00pm, followed by our usual late night session at The Cobbles Inn.

This new format is at the request of June and John of Le Jardin. They have new plans for July onwards, our regular arrangements for the early Friday session may need to change and we are keeping in touch about this. No future bookings or guests are affected

On Monday June 15th we have the chance to present a duo gaining a big following – Chris and Thomas. They have been compared to the Byrds as well as to Simon and Garfunkel, as a visit to their website will show you. The Cobbles Inn is not normally open on a Monday, but this time it will be, and the concert will be held downstairs in a true pub atmosphere with table seating – admission will be £8 on the door, and the public will not be admitted to the pub for this special night!

chris and thomas live on Morning Becomes Eclectic, 89.9 KCRW

Doors open at 7.30pm, and there will be a short floor spot opening from 7.45-8.15pm. Club members who would like to do a spot should notify David Kilpatrick in advance, and must arrive before 7.30pm. Chris and Thomas are perhaps the most ambitious act the club has booked and they are dedicated to getting a studio quality sound regardless of the venue. This really will be a special night as well as the first time we have dared schedule anything for a Monday. It will not end late – you can expect to be off and away not long after 10pm. They will be doing a single 90-minute set.

On Saturday June 20th we have another guest – this time, free! David Leask, Border singer and guitarist who is now well-known in Canada, returns to Kelso – 20 years ago David had a regular gig at the Cross Keys Hotel. This is an extra night on our programme, David will do a two-half set starting around 9.30pm downstairs.

Then, on July 11th when the first Saturday of Civic Week and the arrival of the British Motorcycle Federation meeting coincide, we have a fantastic upstairs Saturday concert followed by an extra downstairs session. Our guests are one of the top Scots folk names, North Sea Gas – in the tradition of Silly Wizard, Battlefield Band, and the Corries they combine excellent musicianship with powerful songs. This will be a £5 admission concert.

Completing our arrangements so far for 2009, our Friday night Le Jardin guests for the St James’s Fair weekend (September 4th-6th 2009) are the Matt Seattle Band. Matt is an old friend, and his new band is underpinned by Donald Knox on guitar, another familiar face from his appearances as part of Carlenjig. Here’s a poster for their Sunday April 26th 2009 Denholm Meet gig.


At the Cobbles, we then have a St James’s Fair Saturday night downstairs free concert from Sandy Brechin and Ewan Wilkinson – again, top Scottish vocal and instrumental talent. We will also have a Sunday afternoon traditional session again for the fair weekend, guest anchors to be confirmed.

– DK

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Dave Mullen sings ‘On The Nickel’

On The Nickel

Here’s a YouTube video from club member Dave Mullen, who appeared in a solo performance on Friday July 11th 2008.

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Session April 18th – pictures

I AM testing a Canon 450D camera for the British Journal of Photography, and by coincidence a US (I think) magazine was looking for low-light shots of people taken on new Canon cameras. Canon had sent me a 35mm f1.4 lens which is a) expensive b) just right for no-flash, hand held pix in the Cobbles using the camera’s maximum sensitivity of ISO 1600. These are the pictures I liked, if anyone dislikes the idea of appearing anonymously in print in a pro photo magazine test report, let me know and I will discard the shot!


Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Cobbles Inn – the new look!


The refitting of The Cobbles Inn by Annika and Gavin is now complete, and the transformation is a masterpiece – a ‘Tardis’ job in more ways than one, jumping the Cobbles a couple of decades into the future and making the space inside double what it appeared to be before.


Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Session in the bar

Before the Cobbles was remodelled in February 2008, James Shepherd shot some pictures of the typical weekly Friday night sessions. Most of these showed slack-jawed yokels drooling over their guitars with eyes closed, because that’s what happens when you shoot singers and musicians after a couple of pints and mid-song. However, a few of us managed to stay reasonably sober-looking and composed.


Friday, February 22nd, 2008


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